43° 42′ 39.5″ N 4° 52′ 53.9″ E

Etchings on 270g BFK Rives | 60 x 50 cm | 2016 | limited edition of 20

Based on five plain air dynamic colour drawings, created in the French region of Provence Alpes Côted ‘ Azur, in the summer of 2015,
these multi-colour etchings were created, back in the studio, in retrospect.
They narrate a constant movement and the capturing of the surrounding flora at the site of 43°42’39.5”N 4°52’53.9”E,
collecting various fields of visions and perspectives within one sheet.
An assemblage and overlay of constantly changing perspectives, while passing through nature, carried out by a self-created "portable-drawing-board".