– Spring to your doorstep –

Project start: 21.March 2020

6 x Fine Art Postcards + 1 x Surprise Original Etching | 10 x 15 cm

The current situation poses many changes and challenges upon every one of us individually and all of us together, as a society.
Most importantly, we all stay healthy.
In order to do so, all of us have to contribute to this and act responsible and mindful.

Almost everything underlies the shutdown.
Not only the culture and art world has to get by lacking all the encounters and the usual presentation of the arts.
The social and lively life together is on hold.

Despite the physical distance, connecting moments aren’t lost.
They now appear in different forms and spaces.
The exchange continues through different ways and mediums.

The spontaneous - Spring to your doorstep - project, aims to continuously spread and share the colours of the spring
– via post, all wrapped up with gloves – delivered right to your doorstep!

Spring to your doorstep parcel content :

- 6x Postcards: set of fine art prints. Original images based on drawing from the Japanese countryside, spring 2018. Postcard design in cooperation with the graphic designer Kai Meyer.
- 1x surprise graphic print: original, signed etching in postcard size.

Price: 25,-€

For your own joy or the ones of the others, to send thoughts, messages and greetings to your loved ones.

To order:

Mail your address details to mail@miriamsalamander.com and your spring package will be on its way!
(Please state in case the delivery address alters to the invoice address)

Stay healthy and all the best, Miriam